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5 Good reasons for trying Sex Toys

Many  times I am asked why use a sex toy at all? For many they say to me that they do not need that kind of thing, for others there is the thought that embarrassment or rejection of the idea will cause difficulties. Some men may feel threatened by the suggestion of a sex toy and others get turned on by the idea. We are all different, but unless we have a go, it is like saying we do not like Chinese food because we have never eaten it! So I have my top 5 reasons for trying a sex toy in the first place. It is also worth noting when I do my workshops that more than 40 reasons can be found for a sex toy, but that is another article!

1. Sex Toys Make Some Things Easier

It is easier for many women to orgasm with a vibrator, it is easier for some women to get clitoral stimulation during intercourse with a vibrator, it is easier to reach the G Spot and the prostate with a sex toy, it is easier to prolong an erection with a sex toy; the list could go on and on. The beauty of making things easier during sex, is that you can sit back and enjoy the ride. Instead of worrying about whether you are going to come or if you are going to come too soon, you can relax and focus solely on the pleasure at hand.

2. Sex Toys Help You Break Out of a Routine

Do you require a certain stroke to masturbate, a particular position to orgasm, or a just so lick during oral sex? Sex toys can expand your range, offering certain types of stimulation that hands or tongues cannot. A penis sleeve might tickle your fancy, a strap on vibrator might free you up to try different intercourse positions, or a small vibrator might add a delightful extra buzz to your next blow job. Think of sex toys as adding more entrees to an ever expanding sexual buffet.

3. Sex Toys Inspire Sexual Confidence

By picking up a sex toy and pressing it to your genitals, you are taking responsibility for your sexual needs and desires. In a culture where we learn very little about sexual pleasure, this act alone is impressive. Rather than waiting passively for someone to fulfil all your sexual needs, you take matters into your own hands. As a result, you learn more about your sexuality, you gain greater self confidence and expertise, and you are more likely to have satisfying sexual encounters in the future.

4. Sex Toys Spice Up Partner Sex

Despite their reputation as singles playthings, sex toys can actually enhance partner sex play by enabling you do certain things you might not otherwise be able to; whether it is a vibrator adding just the right clitoral stimulation during intercourse, or a butt plug that makes coming from prostate stimulation possible. Many people describe toy experiences that changed their lives; whether they discovered a new erogenous zone, learned to climax together for the first time, or enjoyed a renewed passion because of a sex toy.

5. Sex Toys Make the Mood

You may discover that certain types of sex play beg for some sex toy accessories. That back caress may feel even better when it is given with a warming oil, that kiss may resonate even more deeply if your hands are tied to the bed posts, and that cyber fling might short circuit your computer if you are wearing a vibrator. Adding sex toys can incite your imagination and lend just the right spark of adventure to your love life.

Mary Clegg is a Sex and Relationship Therapist